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Best Maine Coon Cat for dogs

Best Maine Coon Cat for dogs

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Are you a canine nut who wants to enjoy a cat?

 If so, you may want to take a look at the extraordinary Maine Coon cat strain. This strain is extraordinarily intelligent and has a personality that isn't exactly catlike. However, you presumably have not seen a Maine coon decide to take a tardy dip in your family's wading pool if you assume all pussycats act the same. 

The Maine coon is known as a gentle mammoth, which isn't surprising since these lovely pussycats weigh in at anywhere from nine to twenty-two pounds.

 The strain has a quadrate face, a thick neck, large cognizance, big, rounded eyes, and a muscular body. The tail is long and relatively bushy. 

This cat strain was first seen in Maine in the late 1800s and most likely developed its thick fleece to protect itself from the bitterly cold layoffs in that area. When the strain was first established, only the brown gib color was honored.

 This fleece color and the Maine Coon's bushy tail gave it the look of a raccoon, and it's presumably this appearance that gave these pussycats their name.

 At the moment, this strain comes in numerous further honored colors, including black, blue, cream, red, tortoiseshell, blue tortoiseshell, white, bank, tableware gib, brown gib, red gib, blue gib, cream gib, and bicolors. Pussycats can have green or golden eyes, unless they're white, in which case, eyes can also be blue or mismatched. 
The Maine Coon gets along well with other pussycats, tykes, children, and just about every other type of beast, except mice. This strain is notorious for its excellent stalking capacity. These pussycats have awful personalities and are the perfect cat strain for families. Still, they're also happy being the only beasts in a quiet ménage. 

Still, the Maine coon may not be the perfect choice for you if you want an extremely quiet cat. These pussycats are a bit on the oral side. Still, the bleating these pussycats make is an affable chittering sound that many people find irritating. 

With the long fleece, this strain has, it's no surprise that the Maine Coon needs frequent grooming. At least twice a week, you should be prepared to completely comb out your cat's fleece. However, you may. 

need to prepare him more constantly if the fleece begins to develop knots and tailback 
Overall, this assignee of hardy ranch pussycats is a healthy breed. However, the most probably has a hairball problem if your cat seems to be feeling the rain.

 Of course, you should seek veterinary care to be sure he doesn't have any more serious problems. While you're talking to your veterinarian, you may want to consult him about feeding your cat food with hairball control. 

Since the Maine Coon is said to be the most popular strain in the world, it would be no surprise if you decided that you wanted to enjoy one of these beautiful animals. However, this strain may be the perfect choice for you if you want an intelligent and loving cat.