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How to take care of cats

 How to take care of cats

How to take care of cats

To keep your cat happy, healthy, and clean it's essential to duly prepare your cat. By reading this section you'll learn how and when to prepare your cat and also what outfit to use. You'll learn how to brush your cat, bath your cat, how clean your pussycats cognizance, and how look after your pussycats teeth.


 Brushing and digging your cat

 Pussycats spend 10 percent of their waking hours fixing themselves by licking dirt and redundant fur of their fleece but this isn't enough to duly keep them clean and some pussycats don't clean themselves duly. 

You should encounter and comb your cat on a regular base. Short- hair pussycats are much easier to prepare than long- haircuts. However, visit the types section, If you're doubtful about what your cat is. When you're fixing your cat you should be alert and check for fleas, scars, injuries, and lumps.


 The first thing you need to know is the difference between a cat comb and a cat encounter. A cat comb is used to remove redundant hair, remove knots, and remove dirt. A cat encounter is to fluff up the fur and make it smooth and look good. 

However, if you enjoy a short- hair cat it isn't as important but you can if you want, If you enjoy long- hair cats I would recommend buying both a comb and an encounter as you'll learn latterly on.

You could alternately choose to buy a cat fixing tackle which includes a comb, encounter, and everything differently you need. You can buy the right outfit from your original pet shop but you could also consider buying online. 

There are numerous different combs and skirmishes to choose from and all of them have their advantages and disadvantages. However, an encounter and a flea comb, If you want to get stylish results and not spend a fortune you should buy a wide wide-toothed. This should each bring under$ 10 USD.


 It's a waste of time brushing your cat with a normal comb/ encounter. The advantages of using a cat encounter are that it shelters the natural body canvases, the bristles gently remove befuddlements and after brushing your cat it'll have a candescent, good-looking, and healthy fleece. 

But most importantly it's designed to remove redundant hair, also in the future when your cat cleans itself it doesn't swallow as important hair, precluding it from having a hairball.

 Still, it should be brushed from an early age so it becomes habituated to the process and does not find it a scary and distressing experience If you have an alley cat. It'll enjoy the fixing procedure but utmost of all you won't have to train it latterly on in its life. 

However, introduce fixing sluggishly and don't make the sessions further than five twinkles, If you have an adult cat that doesn't like to be brushed and finds the experience shocking. If this doesn't work you could try ending the grooming session with playtime so your cat will look forward to it each day. 

One of the most important effects of flashbacks is that a short session each day is better than a long session each week.


 As I compactly mentioned ahead, short hair pussycats are easier to prepare than long- hair pussycats, it's a bit more delicate and the process can take a bit longer. If you enjoy a short- hair cat you should prepare it on a daily base or every many day and it should take from 5 to 10 twinkles. 

If you enjoy a long- hair cat grooming should be done every day or every two days and it should take about 10 to 20 twinkles. By now you're presumably allowing' how can you brush a cat for 20 twinkles'. 

The fixing process isn't just brushing but is also drawing nose and cognizance if necessary and occasionally brushing your cat's teeth. For further information about these, read on.

To prepare your cat, follow this easy way 

- Place your cat on a bench or table. It depends on what your cat is most comfortable with; some possessors brush their cat on their stages.

- Gently encounter from head to tail using short and gentle strokes with your comb to remove knots, don't pull hard else it'll hurt and torture your cat, making the experience unwelcome and pleasurable. 

For stylish results also brush under its neck and stomach. However, encounter it again from head to tail, If you have a flea comb.


- Use an encounter to fluff up the fur, if you're doubtful of what encounter to use ask your original pet shop. A cat encounter is good for your cat's appearance and health and can be brought from several different places.

 Bathing your cat


 It isn't necessary to bathe your cat unless it becomes veritably dirty. utmost people who have prize-winning pussycats bath their cats on a regular base. numerous pussycats don't like water and find a bath a shocking and traumatic experience. 

However, the below information will tell you how, If you ever need to bathe your cat. The first thing you need to do is to brush your cat to remove redundant hair and dirt. Talk to your cat with a relaxed voice to keep it as calm as possible and not make quick movements. 

Have everything ready before you start which should correspond to 4- 6 napkins, soap, a hair teetotaler, and cotton balls. You can use special cat soap or you can use regular soap but it does not make a difference.

 Use cotton balls to cover water from getting into your pussycat’s cognizance. If your cat has lower cognizance use only partial or indeed a quarter. However, use it because it makes it much easier If you have a restroom or laundry sock. 

If you do not have a sock using a mug or plastic vessel. You shouldn't wear good clothes because the chances are that you'll end up as wet as your cat. Wash your cat in a bath or a laundry Gomorrah. 

Start by wetting down it with warm water. Avoid wetting down its eyes and cognizance as much as possible unless it is particularly dirty.


 Hold your cat forcefully because it'll try to escape and presumably suck

 and scratch you. Once the cat is wet apply soap and gently massage. If your cat is really dirty you can shampoo doubly. 

wash your cat from top to bottom and make sure you get all of the soap out. Use the napkins to dry your cat as stylish as you can also finish the job off with a hairdryer.


Drawing your pussycats cognizance


 drawing your cat's cognizance should be a part of your grooming routine. To get relieved of the dirt and wax, use cotton tar but noway go deeper than you can see because it can beget endless damage to your pussycats hearing. It should be done every month.