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Cat behavior problem solving

 Cat behavior problem solving

Cat behavior problem solving

Here are some ideas to keep in mind while trying to fix your cat:

First of all, stop all comminations and discipline-- they infrequently do any good anyway. Make life with your cat fun and satisfying. produce a terrain for yourself and your cat that satisfies you both. Flashback to a cat that doesn't read minds and has little knowledge of English.


 Help your cat understand what you want it to do by making the" yes" gests satisfying and chancing ways to exclude the utmost of the" no" gests. We're going to list below some typical behavioral problems and possible results. It's important should you have any questions about your cat's geste that you consult your warhorse to bandy it.

 Aggressive Geste Can be caused by fear, being disturbed when napping, injury or sickness, or being in a bad mood.


 result Should the cat nip or scrape you while petting, say NO and stop petting. Don't play rough with your cat as it doesn't know nice from not nice. Were you petting or scratching in

 a sensitive area of the cat's body? If your cat hisses or its cognizance are smoothed back, leave the cat alone. Check for injury. 

 soliciting Can be caused by the cat being empty or just wanting attention.


 result Fee the cat just before your sit down to eat or if the soliciting is for attention take a nanosecond or two to pet and talk to your cat a little quality attention will go a long way.


 Constant meowing Ladies that aren't desexed will meow constantly while looking for a" fellow." Or your cat may need some quality time with you, flashback just many nanoseconds of concentrated attention will do prodigies. Another study is your cat may be ill or hurt.


 Result in Spay or neuter your cat( really should anyway), and give your cat some quality time, pussycats need to know that they're loved, or your cat is perhaps sick or hurt, especially if the crying occurs when kitty is trying to go to the bathroom. However, take a quick trip to the warhorse or call for advice, If so.


 Jumping on the counters and/ or cabinetwork pussycats love high places and pussycats are generally nosey, exploring is part of a cat's nature.


 result When it comes to the counters, cookstove and the dining table in our house, a harmonious NO and placing the cat on the bottom worked OK. It took several passes at this, but it worked. Another result is to put double sticky tape recording on the counter for a day or two, the cat will walk on it and get wedged, not a good experience and will stop, as it's no fun. Also, keep food and other seductive smells off the counter or table. effects that make noise and may fall off the counter also work, as it'll scarify the cat. pussycats don't like to be spooked.


 still, give a comfortable nesting place high up if possible, If your cat is getting on the cabinetwork and you don't want that. There are window seats that you can fasten to a window stave. We have a small bed on top of a section of our entertainment center where our lady can escape.


 still, put antipode, plastic, or some affordable network that you can buy at a fabric store over it when you aren't at home, If you have a particular piece of cabinetwork you don't want the cat on. pussycats don't like the sense of that and will stay off it and soon will ignore it. There are also effects called" waste mats" which can be bought on the Internet or at major pet stores.


 Fighting with other pussycats are inclined to cover their niche, they might be looking to copulate, and some pussycats just want to show who's master.


 Solution First of all spay or neuter your cat as they make much better faves and are less inclined to fight. noway break up a cat fight with your hands. Use a sock to spot them, throw a kerchief on them or make a loud noise to scarify them. However, separate them by putting them in separate apartments for a while, If your resident pussycats are disagreeing. Generally, they will poach down and come tolerant of each other again.


 In our ménage, a sharp" No" works for a while with our manly and womanish. Be certain to give each one plenitude of affection, out of sight of each other. Some pussycats are like people and they just do not like each other no matter what you try to do.


 In our ménage, our lady is wise enough to stay out of Smokey's reach. Smokey does not want to fight with her, he just wants to chase her.


 scattering A cat operates on smell and spraying is a natural way to mark its home. Also, a cat will spot if it feels hovered, stressed or anxious.


 Result Spay or neuter your pet to drop the need to be exorbitantly territorial. Give your pet a lot of faves and attention, as it may feel stressed-out and/ or unloved.


 give a haven rather grandly over( off the ground) if you gently feel hovered by another ménage pet.

If your cat is scattering near or on a window your pet may be marking its home because of an outside cat. Keep curtains or drapes closed.


 Don't discipline your cat for scattering as it may increase his/ her anxiety. Using a citrus-grounded cleanser will remove the scent and keep the kitty hopefully from doing it again. We've set up that the manly pussycats generally do the scattering, we haven't seen our ladies do it, though they might. Interestingly, when our one joker cat scattered there was no odor after we had him fixed. still, the scattering left an unctuous substance that had to be gutted up. There's a spray you can buy that has a comforting effect on pussycats and has helped in stopping the scattering it's called" Feliway" and it can be bought at major pet stores and on the Internet.