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Learn about cat behavior problems


Learn about cat behavior problems

:Learn about cat behavior problems

Believe it or not, there are no bad pussycats. pussycats are just unique. They live in a cat world and do what pussycats do, no matter what you try to say or do to move them to acclimate to your world. The most important thing for you as a cat parent is to understand why your cat does what it does. pussycats don't go to obedience school. However, you as a pet parent would go to an obedience academy to learn how to deal with your pet, If they had their way.


 A cat isn't a canine; a cat doesn't act like a canine, suppose like a canine or bear-like a dog.However, get a canine not a cat, If you want a pet that behaves like a canine. That said, let's get to the point of understanding cat geste . chastising a cat for the wrong geste

is like trying to clear the ocean one- mug at a time. Try as you may, you'll noway clear the ocean or get your cat to understand why you're chastising him her. Discipline will noway cure bad geste

it'll only make your cat frighted and leery of you. pussycats are smart enough to know that formerly penalized for a breach they won't do it again, in front of you. They will stay until your reverse is turned or you're out the door. Though you may believe your cat understands what you're saying, or rather yelling about, it'll pay you no heed except to run down, ignore you, or stay to do it again latterly.


 A perfect illustration is our manly cat Smokey, he dislikes our womanish cat Tiger and every chance he gets he'll chase her. still, if he starts to chase her and also sees me he stops, looks at me, and also will turn away as if he was just out taking a walk. He knows I'll say" No" relatively loudly and scold him. Of course, it does not do any good to scold him, but it makes me feel more.

There are several good reasons why your cat does what it does to irk you. First of all, pussycats do not have a good grasp of the English language; they aren't furry little people. still, they do understand positive and negative responses to their conduct. pussycats love praise, faves, and treats and this is our secret armament. Screaming, yelling, spanking, or throwing( heaven prohibit) will only traumatize your cat and make it fearful of you.


 Stop for a moment and suppose about the life your cat is leading( okay, you wish you could lead that life) take into consideration its day. You're at work all day and may get home late and tired. Your furball has been sleeping all day and wants to play.

You want to sit, eat and watch television. You give your cat many faves and while you're doing that or she gives you a little nip on your hand. You reply by jumping up and conceivably yelling and chasing him. Hey, this is delightful your cat got your attention and you're" playing." We humans occasionally award our pussycats for their bad geste by giving them the attention they want.


 In our house, I'm the perfect illustration of what not to do. Our Smokey is a night eater. Why?

 Beget he sleeps all day while I'm at work. He started at a youthful age to come into our bedroom and nudge me with his head when he wanted to be fed, indeed though I would feed him before I went to sleep. Knowing what he wanted I would get up and feed him. This would be several times a night and I would get up( actually this has been going on for times.)

 Still, since I started doing exploration for this book I suddenly came to realize that this is silly, the cat isn't starving and I don't have to get up at all hours. I gradationally started to push him down( nicely) whenever he nudged me and still said" No" as a result he moved over to the nightstand where he likes to sleep and laid down. 

It has been several weeks and he'll formerly in a while nudge me and I say" no" and he goes down and waits until he sees me stir. utmost pussycats when they're doing" wrong geste " are doing exactly what a cat should be doing


 pussycats need to scratch and stretch their claws. It's a natural thing to do and it feels good. It's over to you as the pet parent to give scratching material, whether it's the settee or a scratching post, it's immaterial to the cat.

 pussycats learn by experience, if they do commodity and it turns out to be a good experience in their eyes, they will do it again, a bad experience may exclude, the geste or they just might try it again to see if commodity good happens.

One important thing to flashback, if your cat suddenly starts doing effects that he or she noway tried ahead and the geste

isn't to your relish, observe the current situation in your ménage. Have there been unforeseen and unusual changes in the ménage routine, new cabinetwork, new people, or a new pet? Has there been a change in your cat's restroom routine; is the kitty eating, do you notice any changes in your cat's grooming habits?


 It doesn't take important to disturb the serenity of a cat's world as pussycats like routine and changes can beget responses, which aren't always to their relish. Also, consider medical problems, your cat may not feel well and this too can beget behavioral problems. Since pussycats can not talk they may act up to show their concern or displeasure with the changes that have passed.