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How to deal with common cat behavior problems

 How to deal with common cat behavior problems

How to deal with common cat behavior problems

There are some cat grass te feel issues issue feelissuesfeel issues that feel to be common to utmost pussycats. Then is a list of just some of these actions and what you can do about correcting them. 

 Not Using The Litter Box 

Unfortunately, this' bad geste  ' is the most frequently used reason for taking pussycats to harbors. I believe that it's over to the possessors to train their cats to use the waste box and if there's a problem, they need to find out what's causing it. 

pussycats will continue to use an area where they can smell their urine. A cat breeder friend told me that the first time the alley cat uses the bottom to pee on, get some napkins to mop it up, and takes the napkins and alley cat to the waste box. 

The alley cat will also associate the smell with the waste box. Do the same thing with adult pussycats. still, if an adult cat is continually barring erroneously, you need to check for a possible beginning medical or emotional problem. 
 whizzing At People 

 Pussycats and gibs swish when they're alarmed or defending their home from another cat. They will also swish when they've had enough petting as a way of telling us to stop. 

However, it might swish at nonnatives as it feels hovered by them If a cat has been teased or ill-treated. whizzing is generally a warning to back down, I am angry' action. Indeed if the cat is alarmed, it'll try to barranca its way out of the situation by trying to appear aggressive. 

As responsible cat possessors, be apprehensive of your cat's body language so you know what the hiss means. And if you have children, I'd explosively suggest you educate them how to understand what the cat is doing when it hisses at them and more importantly, what they need to do when brazened with a whizzing cat. 

 scattering On Walls Or Doors 

 Still, it's marking its home, If your cat is scattering on perpendicular shells. This will be more in multi-cat homes. To get relieved of this horrible and ripe geste, have your cat fixed or desexed. 

pussycats will also spot to attract a cat of the contrary coitus for lovemaking. Removing the appetite to mate will greatly reduce the need to spot urine on your kitchen door or chesterfield cabinetwork when you have guests! 
 Scratching Your Furniture And Carpets 

 Pussycats love to stretch and edge their claws. Unfortunately numerous of them do it on our cabinetwork, carpets or curtains. Your cat needs a scratching post and you need to train it to use it. 

However, buy commodity modular that you can add to over time, If possible. Make sure the base and box are covered by commodity hard-wearing similar to sisal. Each time your cat starts scratching the cabinetwork, you need to tell it' no' in a firm voice, pick it up and take it to the scratching pole and physically put its claws on the pole if necessary. Try rubbing some catnip on the box to allure your cat to use it. With adult pussycats, tolerance is the key to this bone
 Jumping On The Counter Or office 

This is one of those annoying cat geste problems that I condemn on my children. My pussycats have noway been allowed on the counters in the kitchen and they've noway tried to jump over there. 

still, my son liked having her cat in the office with her while she was working on the computer. And I suppose the cat loved it too it was the perfect place for redundant strokes and petting and it was nice and warm with the computer or laptop working. It was left to me to change this once my son left home for work. 

It isn't a commodity that will take longer to change- each time the cat jumps up you say' no' in a firm voice and put the cat down on the bottom again. However, put your hand out and say' no' again, If you notice her about to jump back over. It only took many days of doing this for her to stop jumping over and formerly I'd vacuumed the cat hair out of the keyboard, and everything worked well again. 
 Gibs Or pussycats Biting Electrical Cords 

This seems to be a popular history- time of gibs. They're extremely curious about their new terrain and as they grow, they venture further into new areas. Electrical cords feel to be just the right size for the gibs to edge those baby teeth on. 

To save your alley cat from a nasty shock, and your electrical outfit from being damaged, you need to cover them by belting them into a pack with some quilting tape recording or analogous. You can also try putting them behind an outfit but gibs, in particular, are veritably good at squeezing into small spaces. 

You could put some tenacious paper sticky side up or some alfoil in front of the cords as gibs and pussycats do not like walking on them or indeed sprinkle some pepper on the bottom to discourage them from venturing too close. 
 This isn't a total list of how to handle common cat geste issues, there are numerous further that will apply to your cat. noway discipline your cat for these actions. All you'll do is educate your cat to sweat you. By using tolerance and prices, you'll soon find the bad geste 

 issues fading. also, there are those other cat geste issues that we love, the cat rubbing against our leg or entwining up on a stage or our beds at night. Those are the kind of common cat actions we enjoy having.