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The story of series ( Alp Arslan ) and the dates of the show

 Many fans of Turkish drama around the world searched for the story of the Turkish series “Alp Arslan”, especially after the broadcast of the “TRT” channel, the first episode of it yesterday evening, Monday, after revealing the official advertisement for it, and this dramatic work is the second part. From the famous Turkish series, which bears the name “Renaissance    of the Seljuks”.

The Alp Aslan series is considered one of the historical Turkish series that talked about the history of Turkey in one of the ancient eras, as this series was very popular with viewers at the level of Turkey and the Arab world, and it also includes a large number of Turkish actors for collaborative teamwork among them to make the great historical artwork successful. The number of its thirty-one episodes. 

The story of the series “Alp Arslan”

Fans of the Turkish series “Renaissance of the Seljuks” are awaiting the presentation of the second season of it, which bears the name “Alp Arslan”, wondering about the story of the dramatic work, and whether it will be a follow-up to the events of the first season, or a new story from history.

The story of the Turkish series “Alp Arslan” revolves around the life of the second sultan of the Seljuk state, a military commander who succeeded in managing the arrival of the Turks and their struggle from Asia Minor to Anatolia, and took over the rule of the Seljuk state during a difficult period of its founding, and this historical work completes the achievements of the Seljuk state, after She became strong and able to stand up for herself.

The series "Alp Arslan"

The Turkish series “Alp Arslan” brought together a large number of stars who embodied many characters in the first part of the series “Renaissance of the Seljuks”. Along with a large number of Turkish celebrities.

TRT 1 Turkish channel

The TRT1 channel is one of the many channels that show the historical series “Ertugrul Resurrection Season Five”, and among the channels that display this series:

invitation channel.

Al Watan channel.

East channel.

Yarmouk channel.

Four Youth channel.

In addition to the “El-Noor Electronic Website”, which is the only website that owns the rights to display this series on the Internet.

The cast of Alp Aslan series

A group of Turkish actors worked in a collaborative collective team on the success of the huge historical artwork in Turkey, so that this series finds great demand by viewers from different countries, and the cast is represented by the following characters.

The role of Sultan Jalal was played by Bogra Gulsoy.

While the role of Ahmed Singer was played by Akin Kush.

He also participated in the work on Jozo Sherine.

Gürkan Uygun.

In addition, he co-starred Khadija Shandel.

Sevda R Genji.

Moreover, the role of Zubaida Khatun was played by actress Serene Akbash and Jawari.

Actor Elkar Kazmaz also participated in the work as Arslan Tash.

Barış Arduç as Sultan Alp Arslan.

Fakhriya Ogen also plays the role of the Sultan's wife.

In addition, Mehmet Ozgur, who is Nizam Al-Mulk.

Paten Oshan as Ibn Jaghri Bey.

Also, Asila Umut as Jawahar Khatoon.

Also Burak Ali Ozkan as Prince Mesut.

Then Gizem Karja as Evdokia.