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The story of the series A Little Light of Day Mysteries and romance

 The story of the series Little Daylight - Bir Küçük Gün Isigi

The story of the Turkish series A Little Daylight tells an emotional story with the slogan "You don't know, perhaps the greatest gift is the pain you think you can't bear ...", as it revolves around a girl named "Elif", whose character is Seray Kaya, and works As a wedding planner, she married "Hakan" Yigit Yabesi, and they have been in love since their school years, and one day Elif lost her husband in a terrible car accident, and from here she learned that she had been living a big lie for several years, and he had no child there. There are also dozens of unanswered questions, and her life is turned upside down.

  شاهد الحلقه كامله  من هنا  

The events take place around a young woman named Elif, whose life was going on normally until an event occurred that would turn her upside down.

This woman, who used to work as a party planner, is exposed to the loss of her husband, with whom she was living the happiest moments of her life, in a traffic accident, but that accident came to reveal to her many facts that she did not know anything about.

Elif collides with the reality that her husband was hiding, to find out that she has been living in a big lie over the past years, to meet Furat, who is the director of the company her husband used to work in, to be her supporter after his death.

The series A Little Light of Day enters into fierce competition with many different Turkish dramas, after it caught the attention of many audiences with the presentation of its first episodes during the last period.

The heroes of the series A Little Light of Day

A large number of Turkish actors participate in the series: Saray Kaya "Elif", Yigit Yabesi "Hakan", Gizem Onsal "Fulya", Berk Oktay "Furat", Esra Dermamans Yoglu "Imran", Toji Achikos "Dela", Sima Kor Kamaz " Sodi, Yilmaz Bayraktar, Yusra Ceyk, Gisem Onsal, Ezra Aksu "Gons", Biran Kattan "Alber", Shafak Topal, Tofan Kokpinar, Simg Uysal, Celalettin Demirel, Burko Ozer, Surya Gursel.

Where does A Little Light of Day show?

The series A Little Light of Day is shown on the Turkish ATV channel.

Monday of every week at 8 o'clock Turkish time.

The episodes of the series are also shown, translated into Arabic, on the Love Story platform.

Audience interaction and series evaluation

With the release of each episode, the audience of the Little Light of Day series interacts with the events, especially the child Azra Aksu, and it seems that the series is very popular among women. According to reports, the evaluation of the series is as follows:

The viewership of the series #Alp_Arslan - Episode 29

Total / 1 / 5.54

AB / 1 / 5.68

The viewership of the series #Little_of_Day_Light - Episode 4

Total / 2 / 5.34

The viewership of the series #The_Forbidden_Apples - Episode 148

Total / 3 / 4.80

The viewership of the series “You Will Like It” - Episode 18