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Turkish vanity series, the beloved series in Turkey

 The Vanity series is considered one of the latest Turkish series, which has gained wide fame throughout the Arab world. The websites began dubbing it into Arabic.

The search for it by viewers increased after the first episode achieved very high viewership rates. Follow the visitors of Turkey Now, the next report to the end, to know all the details of the episode, including the team, the story, and the show date.

The Turkish Vanity series is broadcast every Friday. The second episode of the Vanity series will be shown next Friday at exactly eight thirty in Turkish time, and it will also be broadcast on FOX in Turkey, and after two hours of showing it on the screens, the Love Story website is available.

A group of the brightest stars who have achieved great fame in the Arab world are participating in the action championship, perhaps among the most important of them is Alberen Duymaz, the hero of the Zamhrir series, Melissa Asli, the heroine of the series Blind Love, Alberen Duymaz, Melissa Asli Pamuk and Ahmed Kayaksin.

The events of the second episode of the Vanity series revolve around a romantic framework about a young man and a girl who live a great love story between Orhan and his fiancée Elif, but he suffers from great financial problems that impede the marriage process. Things turn upside down when Orhan receives a wonderful offer from his manager, Sibal. Will he agree to this show? Or reject it?

Here we have reached the end of the article, after we got to know all the details related to episode 2 of the most wonderful Turkish series, I hope you liked it. 

The story of the Vanity series succeeded in attracting a large segment of Turkish drama fans after the first episode of the series was shown on February 5, in which a number of drama stars, including Roya Helen Demir Bulut, Alberin Duymaz, as well as Melissa Asli Pamuk, co-starred.

The story of the Vanity series, written by Erkan Bergour, directed by Doga Kan Anavarta, and broadcast at exactly eight o’clock on Sunday evening every week on the Turkish “Fox” channel, and the second episode of the series is scheduled to be shown on February 12.

Details of the story of the vanity series

The story of the vanity series revolves around “Elif” and “Orhan”, who are engaged and who love each other very much, and plan to marry and build a happy home, but things do not go according to plan, as “Orhan” is deceived and faces debts that are difficult for him to pay, so that their lives are turned upside down, especially Those debts that are impossible to pay turn their lives into a nightmare, but Orhan receives an offer from Sybil, the president of his company, that will change their lives forever.

Melissa Pamuk on the story of the series Vanity

Turkish actress Melissa Pamuk, who plays the role of "Sybil", expressed her admiration for the story of the Vanity series, saying: "The story of the Vanity series presents the characters in a more realistic way than other series, specifically Sybil's character, as she is gray between white and black. She is a lonely woman, but she is strong and successful." According to what was published by the Turkish “Fox” website.

She added, "The filming of the series is going very well. I had moments of fear during the night swimming scene, but it was also fun."

While actor Alperin Dimaz spoke about his character in the story of the Vanity series, saying: “Although Orhan loves his fiancée Elif madly, he will be on the verge of a great choice that will turn his life upside down, and therefore each episode will increase the excitement.”