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The Turkish family series and the date of the show

The story of the Turkish family series The story revolves around a strong woman named Hulia, who struggles in her life alone in order to raise her children, and she has an only son named Aslan. This son grows up to fall in love with a girl called Devin, who is a specialized psychiatrist, but after a period of time has passed, events begin to gradually escalate when Aslan discovers that his beloved She is involved in business with the mafia and other illegal matters, and the conflict begins between the mother and her son in her fear of him over the wrong choice of this girl and how love can over time overcome all the problems of our lives and our difficult circumstances, and there are a group of secondary events that have a role in showing the work as if A reality in which you live by yourself. It is the nature of Turkish works that they always try to present scenes that are very close to the reality of their society.
The family series, where social networking sites and the global Google search engine buzzed about the family series

The searches for the family series come as Turkish media revealed that there are new details about the famous Turkish series "The Family", whose release was postponed during the past month due to the failure to complete the contract with the stars and the instability of the names. In its American version, the series revolves within the framework of drama and crime about an American mafia man who faces difficulty between his environment and criminal organizations and resorts to a psychiatrist, to balance his private and professional life. The famous Turkish star Kivanc Tatitug agreed in principle to participate in the new Turkish Mafia series, the Turkish Family series, which is a Turkish version of the famous American series The Sopranos. The team confirmed that the Turkish family series will be released next March, after Kivanc Tatlitug finished filming the series for Disney Plus. The Turkish family series is scheduled to be shown on Show TV, where Ahmet Katekiz will direct the work, and the text will be written by Hakan Bonomo. The heroes of the Turkish family series The stars participating in the Turkish family series are Janan Ergodar, Yordair Okur, Amal Goksu and others. News reports also revealed that there are negotiations with the Turkish star "Ozge Osberingi" in order to play the starring role alongside Kivanc in the upcoming Turkish family series. The date of the family series show The series is scheduled to be shown on the 7th of next March on the Turkish Show TV channel, according to what was announced by the Qamar Production Company, which produced this series, as all the events of the series were filmed in the cities of Izmir and Istanbul in Turkey due to the presentation of a group One of the main scenes in this work, which excited the audience to follow it after the announcement of the official poster for this series.